Re os isotopic dating of molybdenites

But many unprovable assumptions are also involved, not least being that the radioisotope systems closed at the same time and subsequently remained closed.

Furthermore, even this “gold standard” has unresolved uncertainties due to the U decay constants being imprecisely known, and to measured variations of the U ratio in terrestrial rocks and minerals and in meteorites.

Indeed, current radioisotope dating methodologies are at best hypotheses based on extrapolating current measurements and observations back into an assumed deep time history for the cosmos.

Of course, it is to be expected that every long-lived radioactive isotope is likely to show similar variation and uncertainty in half-life measurements because these are difficult measurements to make.

In order to rectify this deficiency, Snelling (2014a,b) has documented the methodology behind and history of determining the decay constants and half-lives of the parent radioisotopes Lu decay rate by physical direct counting experiments.

Furthermore, the determined values differ when Rb-Sr ages are calibrated against the U-Pb ages of either the same terrestrial minerals and rocks or the same meteorites and lunar rocks.

From a creationist perspective, the 1997–2005 RATE (arth) project successfully made progress in documenting some of the pitfalls in the radioisotope dating methods, and especially in demonstrating that radioisotope decay rates may not have always been constant at today’s measured rates (Vardiman, Snelling, and Chaffin 2000, 2005).

Yet much research effort remains to be done to make further inroads into not only uncovering the flaws intrinsic to these long-age dating methods, but towards a thorough understanding of radioisotopes and their decay during the earth’s history within a biblical creationist framework.

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