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I printed them out and asked Daniel to mark all the hobbies he enjoys or would be interested in trying, and I did the same.

Then I highlighted the ones we both marked to see where our common interests lie.

Number 11 on my 28 by 29 list is to find a new hobby that Daniel and I both enjoy.

To accomplish this I made a list of all the hobbies I could think of/find on the internet.

Inout One has a bright high volume sound and Input Two has a darker sound in tone with a three decibel pad.

The pad on Input two makes it sound lower in volume than Input One.

By searching on the internet, a used Gibson Amplifier can be found for purchasing.

I was looking inside the amp not on the plate as I had already provided the info off that or so I thought.

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The solid state rectifier is considered to be more reliable than the original tube design.

Unfortunately, Gibson stopped production of Gibson Amplifiers as of the year 2011.

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