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Produce stunning media experiences: - HD-quality video Play high-quality HD video with industry-standard codecs such as H.264, AAC, and MP3.Use GPU hardware optimization and chipsets that scale across all platforms to provide best-in-class video performance.I can't think of a single time in all my years of needing it, that I've ever wanted to open it without having a file or link to click on (which automatically opens it by association).Yes, I'm sure some people do want to open it for some reason, but I'd wager that 99% of the people that use only the free Acrobat Reader have never used the desktop icon to open it.- Concurrency Create high-performance, more responsive games and content using Action Script® workers and shared Byte Array support.

Deploy dynamic content in a more secure, powerful runtime: - Multicore rendering Build high-performance vector graphics and display true 1080p videos that take advantage of up to four CPU cores.

Adobe Flash Player has a host of features which make Flash even more potent and powerful than before and it's developers that really have something to cheer about.

These include new expressive features and visual performance improvements that allow interactive designers and developers to build even richer and impressive Web videos.

Check your Flash version by and check the PPAPI version.

If none shows, then install it by following the 4 steps described below.

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